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The Full Story


Strawberry NutNuts was born in 2015 by two friends with a passion for food, music and Art. Born and bred in London with over 20yrs experience in the Music, Art and Events industry.


While on set they noticed moral was low and decided to feed everyone. "No one went hungry on set with these two around".  From there it grew from a simple bacon sarnie to a full English fry up! 

Gourmet burgers, dirty fries, pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, cheese cake…we even do vegan now! And lets not forget our delicious desserts and famous streetfood - DIRTY DOGS, MESSY BURGERS & MESSY CHIPS!

We pride ourselves on all our food prepared from scratch only using the best of ingredients sourced from local suppliers where possible.

Over the years we have catered for varies events including Festivals, Magazine shoots, Music Videos, Commercials, Product Launches, Weddings, Private Events and Street Food Markets.


Based in Bermondsey Southeast London we are perfectly located to travel anywhere in London and the surrounding counties. 

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Lets Get Mobile

Our Horsebox

In 2020 we drove to Hull and back to rescue a 1936 horsebox that we have lovingly restored and kitted out with all the essentials needed to cook on location. Everything from a bacon sandwich to a steak dinner! The horsebox can be adapted to suit your menu, whether that’s an ice-cream bar, tasting party, launch lunches or a full on day on set we can adapt to your needs.


We have a passion for food and for helping others.

we have set up our personal campaign

'Feed Ya’ Self for Someone Else'

We donate to local communities and support those who need it.

No one should go hungry!

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